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Company Profile


Welcome to Miyagawa Pottery’s website.
We can purchase and sell any type of ceramic products from the kiln of the whole country, mainly business dishes.
Since it is operating in the production area of Minohaki accounting for about 60% of the ceramic production throughout the country, the information on outlets is abundant as well.
Please also feel free to contact us as it will correspond to your name.
We also offer retailers so we can also offer consumer selling information.

Company Summary

Company Name MIYAGAWA TOUKI Co., Ltd.  Japanese:株式会社みやがわ陶器
President & CEO Noriyoshi Miyagawa
Head Office 2985-167,Hidacho Hida, Toki-shi, Gifu, 509-5115, Japan
Tel +81-572-55-5307
Established Aug. 1, 1990
Capital 10,000,000YEN (US$ 9million)
Employees 7